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When installing WP_Identicon Plugin on my Word Press, I encountered the following error: After setting the access rights for the image cache /wp-content/plugins/wp-identicon/identicon to 0744, the test images displayed well, but newly generated images were saved as RW only (0600) for the owner. So the images were not accessible by the site visitors. Including the „chmod(WP_IDENTICON_DIR_INTERNAL.$filename, 0744);“ line below in the function identicon_build in the file wp_identicon.php fixed the problem:

if ($write){
    chmod(WP_IDENTICON_DIR_INTERNAL.$filename, 0744);
    if(!$wrote) return false; //something went wrong but don't want to mess up blog layout
    header ("Content-type: image/png");

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  1. Comment by ScottS-M | 23:13 07.12.08|X

    Hmm that’s and odd one I haven’t ran into before. Thanks for catching it. I’ll incorporate chmod into the next version.

  2. Comment by Secco | 18:34 09.12.08|X

    Great and fast response, Scott!
    Thank you for taking care.

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