And one more WordPress plugin:
This one makes life easier, when you want some table of content on your pages and posts, based on the H1-Hx tags used to mark the titles.

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  • Introduction

    Usually having a manually managed table of contents (toc) on your page can make some trouble, especially if you update the headers of the different blocks. You find yourself copy-pasting <dir> and <li> tags and block headers around.


    This tiny plugin, called „TOC“ makes things easier. It supports one tag you can include anywhere in your posts or pages.

    [TOC] will generate a table of contents for your actual post, using the <h1> to <hx> HTML tags in the content of your post.
    Here an example. If your document looks like:

    <h3>Day 1</h3>
    Today everything looked fine
    <h3 style="somestyle">Day 2</h3>
    Today too
    <h4>Day 2 - second half</h4>
    Something strange happened
    <h3>Day 3</h3>
    Every thing fine again

    Using [TOC] will generate the following table of contents for you:

      <li><a href="#toc0">Day 1</a></li>
      <li><a href="#toc1">Day 2</a></li>
         <li><a href="#toc2">Day 2 - second half</a></li>
       <li><a href="#toc3">Day 3</a></li>

    You shurely noticed: The entries of the toc are links. The content of your post is manipulated, so that all <Hx> HTML tags are extended to have a target anchor, which would look like this in the above example:

    <h3><a name="toc0">Day 1</a></h3>
    Today everything looked fine
    <h3 style="somestyle"><a name="toc1">Day 2</a></h3>
    Today too
    <h4><a name="toc2">Day 2 - second half</a></h4>
    Something strange happened
    <h3><a name="toc3">Day 3</a></h3>
    Every thing fine again

    As you also noticed, TOC will use the first found H-level as the top-level (in the examples it is 3, since H1 is too big to me). Any higher levels (4, 5, …) will be indented through a <dir> tag.

    The [TOC] tag is used within this post.


    Version: 1.0 – initial

  • Find Hx HTML tags and create index
  • Insert link targets into content of Hx tags without changing them
  • Future Features

  • Some parameters for the tag to define list-type, eg. numbered list etc.
  • Definable style templates, configurable through wp-admin.
  • Compatibility

    Tested with WordPress 2.7. Should work on all 2.x versions.


    Just upload to your wp-content/plugins folder or any subfolder and activate in plugins menue. Use the TOC-tag anywhere you like and need.




    version 1.0 here


    If you like this plugin and it helps so much, that you would like to donate (no matter how much), please do it here.

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