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With this wordpress plugin (now version 2.1.2, updated 23.01.2008) you can dispay an image randomy selected from your or any other persons favourites at flickr.com.

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  • Usage

    Usage is really simple: Yust download, install, activate and place the following code anywhere:

    <?php if (function_exists('RandomFlickrFav')) { 

    Then go to the admin’s menu and enter the url of your favourites at flickr.

    For further configurations just go to your admin menu’s options and there to RandomFlickrFav.


  • Synchronization with your favourites at flickr.com in predefined intervalls
  • Fast plugin, stores all neccesary information in a db table
  • Simple template driven layout
  • Own administration page
  • Tested with WP 1.5.2, 2.0.5, 2.1.3, 2.3.1, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, 2.9 (up to 2.9.1)
  • Hint: When copy-pasting code from this page, some asian (and perhaps other non-latin character language) versions of operatingsystems may have problems with characters. In this case just retype the code by hand. (Thanks to Justso for this hint)


    Changes from 2.12:

  • Regex for ripping the image-urls from flickr, since they changed it.
  • Function to clean DB-entries, helpful while debuging.
  • Debug output can be seen as HTML on configurationpage.
  • Name of image-author is beeing ripped from URL.
  • Changes from 2.11:

  • I just changed the regex for ripping the image-urls from flickr, since they changed it.
  • Changes from 2.0:

  • I just optimized some of the code and removed a bug, which was not visible to the user.
  • Donate

    If you like this plugin and it helps so much, that you would like to donate (no matter how much), please do it here.


    Download here V2.1.2 (23.01.2008)

    Requested Features

  • Manage multiple favourite urls at flickr (suggested by nolageek)
  • Enable multiple random images from the plugin (suggested by sindhu and Anonymous)
  • Check the behaviour with very large collections (> 500) (reported by Hugo)
  • More debugging information
  • Check if the plugin also runs with other sets (Home set etc.) (suggested by Chris P.)
  • Enable / Disable UTF-8, or better use WP default encoding
  • Integrate Lightbox Script (suggested by Anonymous)
  • Automatic update of the regular expressions used when flick changes pagelayout
  • Rip tags of the images and store in database for further use

  • Any suggestions? – Make a post !

    Seen at

  • Devlounge.net article about customizing wordpress layout
  • Justso’s chinese homepage
  • Nolageek’s personal blog
  • fooo.info
  • mondoblog.it collection of flickr plugins
  • John’s clearcutblogging.com with an interresting article about including this plugin per post
  • 56 Responses to “random flickr favourite” »»

    1. Comment by morreene | 0:38 10.02.09|X

      Thanks for the plug-in. It works for me, but the I cannot set the parameters in WP settings. the link doesn’t work.

      By the way, can you add the feature of taking photos from specific tag or tags?


    2. Comment by Secco | 20:52 11.02.09|X

      Hi morreene,

      but the I cannot set the parameters in WP settings. the link doesn’t work.

      Could you describe that problem more precisely?
      By the way, what version of WordPRess do you use?

      can you add the feature of taking photos from specific tag or tags?

      I’m not shure, if that’s possible. Other than other Flickr plugins, RandomFlickrFav doesn’t log into your account and also doesn’t use flickr provided APIs. The only thing this plugin does is call your (public) favourites site and rip all of the images that are shown there. So the only information available to this plugin is the information provided on the pages of your favourites.
      The only possibility for this plugin to get the tags of the images would be loading the page of each image and rip the tags from there. I guess this can be done, but will take me lots of time.
      I’ll add it to the feature-wish list.

    3. Comment by kodama | 2:50 22.02.09|X

      I think I may be having the same problem as morreene: in WordPress 2.7.1, when I click on „RandomFlickrFav“ under „Settings“, I get the error:

      The requested URL /wp-admin/RandomFlickerFavs2.php was not found on this server.

      I’m not particularly handy with code, so I tried to see in the RandomFlickerFavs2.php where it was looking in wp-admin and redirect it to the plugin folder, but didn’t have any luck (i’m not even sure that this was the right way to go about it, or not). I also tried putting a copy of RandomFlickerFavs2.php in the wp-admin folder, but that just gave me a blank white screen when clicking on „RandomFlickrFav“ under „Settings“.

    4. Comment by Secco | 12:54 22.02.09|X

      Hmm, I don’t think it’s a problem of the plugin itself. I’m using the most recent WP release, too.
      The link under Settings should go to „wp-admin/options-general.php?page=RandomFlickrFavs2.php“.
      There is no need to put the plugin php into wp-admin folder. The link should call the „options-general.php“ with the plugin script as parameter.
      I will have a look, if there is any place in the plugin, that could lead to a wrong / missing link.

    5. Comment by D-dig | 20:32 11.09.09|X

      I use wordpress 2.8,
      is blank page

      I try
      Cannot load RandomFlickerFavs2.php.

    6. Comment by Secco | 13:39 13.09.09|X

      Well, it seems that you either have renamed the plugins filename or you put the plugin in a subfolder instead of wp-content/plugins. In both cases RandomFlickrFavs will not generate the correct link for the options page.
      The link in the admin menu should be http://mypage/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=RandomFlickrFavs2.php and the plugin file should have the name „RandomFlickrFavs2.php“.

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