Font Style

A WordPress plugin that helps you format your text with wiki like markups.

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  • Introduction

    This plugin will make you write less HTML in your posts to format text. Instead you can use wiki style mark up.


    Following markups can be used:

    Markup Function Example source Example result Result in HTML
    ** bold **bold text** bold text <b>bold text</b>
    // italic //italic text// italic text <i>italic text</i>
    __ underline __underlined text__ underlined text <u>underlined text</u>
    -- strike --stroken text-- stroken text <strike>stroken text</strike>
    '' monospaced ''monospaced text'' monospaced text <tt>monospaced text</tt>

    FontStyle will preserve preformatted text within <pre> and <code> tags as well as HTML comments in the post (<!-- xxx -->).


    Version: 1.0 – initial


    Tested with WordPress 2.7. Should work on all 2.x versions.


    Just upload to your wp-content/plugins folder or any subfolder and activate in plugins menue. Use the Markups anywhere you like and need.


    version 1.0 here


    If you like this plugin and it helps so much, that you would like to donate (no matter how much), please do it here.

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