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Hardening WordPress: Basic generator obfuscation

As previously noted, here another part of my Hardening WordPress series. This time I’ll show you the really basic technique of how you can obfuscate at least the generator-tag for your blog.

Hardening WordPress the geek way

My WordPress installation was hacked several times, and all because I was too lazy to use basic protection and hardening mechanisms. After some time I decided to investigate more on the security of my blog and applied some well known protection techniques as well as some really geeky dirty hacks right in the database.

Hibernate DataViewObjects

When working with Hibernate and nested domain object models, it can be a performance problem when trying to display several (including nested) properties in a view. Usually for such cases the use of view objects is practical.
This is the first scetch of my idea to automate population of view objects with hibernate.

Javascript Dateformatting

I just recognized that there is no convenient method in Javascript to format a date-object to a string with the help of a dateformat-pattern, like in java.text.SimpleDateFormat. So I have writen a simple method, which just does this, including most important patterns.

Spring Acegi/Security auto-login

Usefull and thus noted:
In one of my current workprojects I had a registrationform the user filled. After formvalidation, I wanted to login the user automatically. This can be achieved in Spring / Acegi quite easy: